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1. To Kati Allo

why go? Experience the neighborhood's hidden Greek tavernas. Tucked away in a small street just around the corner from the Acropolis Museum is a Greek tavern run by two generations of the local family, the Bakatzeros, who have been serving traditional cuisine here for over 30 years. I've been They all help out in the open kitchen, cooking up old-fashioned recipes and letting guests feel at home in the understated dining area. There is no menu, just to show you what's just out of the oven.

2. Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani

why go? For a traditional Greek delicatessen experience.

With its tavern and deli in one place, this Byzantine pastomageirio is housed in a neoclassical house. Enjoy a selection of Greek cheeses and cold cuts. The restaurant serves traditional local dishes such as fried eggplant and zucchini in Cappadocia sauce and Saganaki cheese, along with slices of jerky called pasturma, beef his sausage, and eggs.

3. Klimataria

why go? Traditional Greek food, music and dance.

This family-run tavern has been in business since his 1927, offering nights of Mediterranean food, music and dancing that the Greeks love. The tis oras, an assortment of grilled meats, is a must. Includes beefsteak, spiced grilled meat pies, and lamb and pork chops. Given that Climataria means 'grape vine', it's no surprise that the wines served here are consistently excellent.

4. Hytra

why go? Sample some of Greece's most distinctive flavors.

 Located on the 6th floor of the Onassis Cultural Center, this Michelin-starred restaurant serves Greek cuisine in a consistently elegant style. Dishes are prepared here using local mountain vegetables, fresh vegetables, meat and seafood. The multi-course menu allows even those unfamiliar with Greek cuisine to indulge in the most uniquely flavored dishes, such as sea bass carpaccio and orange-scented pork. There is a range of imaginative desserts.

5. Orizontes

why go? Fine dining on the most beautiful terrace in Athens.

Orizontes is located on Mount Lycabettus, one of the highest mountains in Athens, and offers breathtaking views. Sit outdoors as the sun sets over the Acropolis, the Aegean Sea and the entire city below. You'll feel like you're dining on Mount Olympus. The restaurant is equally known for its cuisine.

Mediterranean cuisine using seasonal and local ingredients. If it's on the menu, opt for pork tenderloin served with vegetables with feta, honey and sesame seeds. It's rich, flavorful and will blow your mind.

6. Strofi

why go? Enjoy your meal with stunning views of the Acropolis.

 The view of the Acropolis from Strofi's roof terrace is one of the city's most impressive. The menu is great. Enjoy traditional Greek dishes like smoked eggplant-like mezze and cold, smooth tzatziki. The classic main course is roast lamb stuffed with Greek cheese.

7. Lukumades

why go? Eat weird donuts.

Most European cultures have their own versions of donuts, but the Greek lukumades is arguably one of the tastiest. They are perfectly fluffy fried balls of dough topped with Greek honey and cinnamon. Lukumades Dessert Café attracts many locals to indulge in more sinful desserts. It is drizzled with creative toppings and syrups, and is sometimes served with creamy ice cream made from masticha (the resin of the mastic tree).

8. Varoulko

why go? A Michelin-starred seaside experience.

Valluco is one of the city's most elegant sea-view spots. Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou specializes in combining traditional Greek cuisine with creative, flavorful seafood. For example, his version of moussaka, which usually contains ground beef, is made with crayfish, while pesto pasta is infused with squid. Be sure to try his smoked he octopus with wild vegetables called stamna gati. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the Mikrolimano harbor, yachts, yachts and small fishing boats in the distance.

9. Nice and Simple

why go? Greek national dish.

This bistro values ​​organic produce. Pack local vegetables and traditional pasta into hearty dishes that include meat from sustainably sourced sources. The farm-to-table concept is combined with a trendy, laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of '50s Hollywood (even the name was inspired by Frank Sinatra's song). Try the Bogie and Bacall, skewered chicken kontosouvli marinated in Greek beer with sun-dried tomatoes, or the Coppola zucchini pasta topped with buffalo meat and marinated in a Florina pepper sauce.

Published by

TIA on February 10, 2023


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