Safety and security


Learn about operation safety at TIA and help us improve by submitting reports.

Facts about small incidents in aviation…

If minor incident occurs when a vehicle bumps into an aircraft and 5 cm of its fuselage is damaged, the technical cost for repairing and operational cost could reach up to hundred thousand euro.

A single jet motor fan blade has the same value as a mid-size personal car. The price of a new aircraft reaches into the billions.

The catalogue price of a mid-size aircraft (Boeing 737, Airbus 320) is between 80-100 Million USD.

Safety Management System protects not only these values. The greatest value it is concerned with is the health and lives of passengers and employees.

Voluntary Safety Report

Report a safety hazard, problem or even a simple suggestion that can help us and other passengers as yourself by submitting a mandatory or voluntary safety report.

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