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Parking spaces are available next to the new terminal building and can be used by any passenger arriving into or departing from the Airport.

TIA provides a total of 490 parking spaces, 240 of which are covered (P1) and 250 are uncovered (P2), for passengers and other customers.

The fee structure, including VAT, for the parking service is as follows:

Length of Stay Zone P1 Fees (Lek) Zone P2 Fees (Lek) 0-7 minutes Free of charge Free of charge 7 min to 1st hour 150 120 1 to 4 hours 240 190 4 to7 hours 360 300 7 to 12 hours 480 300 12 to 24 hours 600 300 After first day Zone P1 Zone P2 0-24 hours 600 300

Note: Please make sure to receive your subscription 10 minutes after your entry at the cashier.

Kiss And Fly

In April 2012, Tirana International Airport shpk has implemented a Kiss & Fly concept.

The existing curbside/drop off area in front of the Terminal Building will be managed by the parking operator and it will become a highly tariff parking area, in case you would spend more than 4 minutes to drop or greet your passenger.

The fee structure including VAT for the service is as follows:

Time Payment

Time Payment 0   - 4 Minutes Free of Charge 4  - 10 Minutes 300 lekë 10 - 30 Minutes 500 lekë 30 - 60 Minutes 1 000 lekë

If you need further information, please contact: 

Mr. Arben Kallari

Phone: +355 69 40 45 923


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