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A trip to Madrid

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TIA on April 9, 2024



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Get immersive at Nomad Museo

Nomad Museo is an immersive experience that brings together digital art and artificial intelligence. Lights and special effects beckon visitors to explore the unknown, to let themselves be carried away by sensations and to become part of the art.

Sip cocktails with a view on Hotel Montera’s terrace

This might seem like just another rooftop, but it has everything needed to become one of the best on Gran Vía (and there are quite a few). Cosmopolitan, design-oriented and traditional, with Balinese beds and a panoramic rooftop that rises under the watchful eye of the most iconic clock on the street (the one on the Telefónica building), which is in your eyeline from anywhere on the terrace.

Stroll through the romantic El Capricho park

In Alameda de Osuna in the district of Barajas, you'll find El Capricho (literally, 'The Whim'), a garden that is a jewel of Romanticism and a monument to 18th-century taste. Within the 14 hectares lie an artificial river, lakes, woods, gardens, simulations of temples and other surprising nooks.

Lose your mind at the Museum of Illusions

Since 2020, the Museum of Illusions has been one of the best-loved visitor attractions in Madrid. Locals and tourists adore its vast array of weird and wonderful mind-bending tricks, from the Rubin vase to the 3D stereogram and onto some lesser-known and strange new ones. If you’ve got little ones, we guarantee they will love it here.

Try Madrid’s best cheesecake at Tatel

Chef Pedro Moreno has captivated taste buds with a delicacy made using two Madrid cheeses, rulo and goat bombón. Its secret lies in gentle baking at 170ºC, for no more than half an hour. The base is crispy sablé, accompanied by honeycomb honey and a cat tongue-shaped honeycomb.

Templo de Debod

You don’t have to travel to Cairo to see Ancient Egyptian artefacts. Strangely enough, Madrid has one too. The Templo de Debod dates back more than 2,200 years and honours the gods Amun and Isis. In 1968, the Egyptian government sent every historic brick of this place to Spain as a thank you for helping to preserve monuments that could have been destroyed by the Aswan Dam. Which is almost as cool a story as if it had been in Madrid for thousands of years. 

Mooch around the Rastro, Madrid's famous flea market

Every Sunday the Ribera de Curtidores transforms itself into a giant cauldron of curiosities. Antiques, handicrafts, clothing, jewellery, leather goods and more all have their place in the jumble of street stalls that begins to spring up from 7am. Each week the market is awash with locals and visitors alike, all keen to be part of the Rastro’s rich 500-odd-year history – but pickpockets work the crowds, so don’t drop your guard when visiting this must-see phenomenon.

Have a picnic in El Retiro Park

Unlike Barcelona, Madrid can’t offer a quick trip to the city beach as an alternative to city life. But what it lacks in sand, it makes up for in cool, green spaces and beautiful rose gardens. Dating back to the time of Queen Isabela I and King Ferdinand, El Retiro Park is the place to be for exercise (dogs and humans), sunbathing, strolling and general all-out relaxation. If you aren't one to stop sightseeing, check out the monument to Alfonso XII or the Casón del Buen Retiro, a large and beautiful ballroom in its heyday. 

Gran Vía

Madrid's bustling Gran Vía is at the heart of the city, a prime spot for shoppers and architecture buffs. Built in the early 1900s in an effort to decongest the city, Gran Vía spans nearly a mile and is packed with shops and restaurants. The avenue was home to Spain's first skyscrapers and marked the beginning of modernization in Madrid. Try a traditional bocadillo de calamares (calamari sandwich), buy a new outfit from the five-story Primark flagship store or catch a show at Teatro Lope de Vega.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Football fans won’t want to miss a visit to the magnificent Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (Estadio Santiago Bernabéu) , home to the legendary Real Madrid football team. Despite boasting a capacity of 81,000 spectators and reaching a 5-star rating as a UEFA-classified Elite Stadium, Santiago Bernabéu is actually Spain’s second-largest football stadium, after Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

Published by

TIA on April 9, 2024


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