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Places to visit in Athens

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TIA on February 10, 2023



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1-    View from Lykavíttós

For the best view of the entire city, head to Lykavíttós Hill. At 277 meters, it is the highest hill in all of Athens. From the top you have a beautiful view over the entire city. You can climb the hill yourself or go up with a funicular. On Lykavíttós you will find a chapel, an open-air theater and a luxury restaurant. Especially during sunset this location is phenomenal. More info 'Lykavíttós'.

2-    Syntagma square Athens

Syntagma Square is located in the modern part of Athens. This square is known as a busy thoroughfare. You will also find the parliament building here. Many tourists come here to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is guarded by soldiers and every hour there is a changing of the guard. Every Sunday there is an extensive changing of the guard with a whole ceremony. If you are in this Syntagma Square, you can also check out the metro station. It is the most beautiful in all of Athens where you can also view several archaeological finds.

3-    National Garden of Athens

The National Garden of Athens (Zappeion Park) is a large park right in the center. This park is located near the parliament building and some museums. In the gardens you can view various objects and ruins. It is also a perfect place to walk around and enjoy nature. It is a very green and wooded area to relax in the busy city. On the other side of the park you arrive at the old Panathenaic stadium.

4-     Nightlife in the districts of Gázi or Psyri

For a pleasant evening you have to be in the Gázi district. This Gázi district is known for its busy nightlife. During the day there is not much to do in this district, but at night the district is transformed into one of the nicest districts of the city. Another nice neighborhood is Psirri (Psyri). This alternative neighborhood is popular among young people and hipsters. You will also find alternative shops here and above all a very cozy atmosphere. During the day you can walk around endlessly and enjoy the many street art works.

5-    Central market

Near Monastiráki you will find the Varvakeios market halls. At this large market you can buy everything, such as vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and wine. You can taste and buy authentic Greek delicacies here. It is a busy market with a lively atmosphere. You can also buy food and other items from many different cultures. Even if you don't want to buy anything, it’s even worth a visit.

6-     Philopappos hill

At 147 meters, Philopappos Hill is certainly not the highest hill in Athens. However, you do have a beautiful view at the Acropolis and it is often less crowded than on other well-known hills. Because this hill is a bit lower, it is also easier to walk up. Besides the beautiful view from Philopappos you will also find the Philopappos Philopappos monument and the prison of Socrates. Socrates is said to have been locked up here before being convicted.

7-    Visit a Greek Orthodox Church

The Metropolis Cathedral (Great Metropolis) is the largest and most famous Greek Orthodox church in Athens. This church was built in the 19th century by three different architects. The church therefore has a distinct appearance where different styles come together. This church is still used as a meeting place for many Greek Orthodox people from the area. Another well-known Greek Orthodox church is Kapnikaréa (photo). This is one of the oldest churches in Athens and located in the middle of the busy Ermou shopping street.

8-    Piraeus

Piraeus is a port city that is part of Athens. Here you will find one of the most important passenger ports in all of Europe. In this harbor you will see many ferries that take passengers to the various islands in the area. Piraeus is definitely a must for boat lovers. You can visit an exclusive marina to admire the yachts. In this town you will also find two museums that are dedicated to the history of the port. This city is also very pleasant to walk through or grab a drink on a terrace. More info 'Piraeus'.

9-    More Museums in Athens

Athens has many different museums that you can visit. Many museums focus on one part of Greek art or history. For example, the Byzantine museum has a large collection of Byzantine art and the Cycladic museum contains art from the area around the Cyclades. Do you want a more general impression of Greek art? Then it is best to visit the National Archaeological Museum or the Benaki Museum. In addition, there is the Numismatic museum with a large coin collection or the Hellenic Motor museum which exhibits cars.

Published by

TIA on February 10, 2023


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