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Things to do Lyon

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TIA on April 9, 2024



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Old Town (Vieux Lyon):

Explore Lyon's charming Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its narrow cobblestone streets, Renaissance buildings, and traboules (hidden passageways).

Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière:

Visit this iconic hilltop basilica for panoramic views of the city and admire its stunning architecture both inside and out.


Wander through the city's traboules, secret passages that connect streets, courtyards, and buildings, offering a glimpse into Lyon's history and culture.


Discover the Presqu'île, Lyon's bustling peninsula between the Rhône and Saône rivers, filled with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse:

Experience the culinary scene at this famous indoor food market, where you can sample gourmet delights and local specialties.

Parc de la Tête d'Or:

Relax in Lyon's largest urban park, which features a botanical garden, a zoo, and scenic walking paths around a tranquil lake.

Musée des Beaux-Arts:

Explore one of France's largest fine arts museums, housed in a former Benedictine convent, with an impressive collection spanning from antiquity to contemporary art.


Discover the citys historic silk-weaving district, known for its vibrant street art, lively atmosphere, and panoramic viewpoints over the city.

Fête des Lumières: 

Experience Lyon's Festival of Lights, a spectacular annual event where the city's landmarks are illuminated with dazzling light displays, attracting millions of visitors.

Day Trips:

Go outside Lyon to explore nearby attractions such as the medieval town of Pérouges, the Beaujolais wine region, or the picturesque villages of the Rhône Valley.

Published by

TIA on April 9, 2024


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