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A trip to Riga

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TIA on April 9, 2024



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Old Town:

Explore Riga's old part with its old-style buildings, small streets, and nice squares.

Fancy Buildings:

Look at the pretty buildings in Riga, especially on Alberta Street.

Central Market:

Visit the huge market in Riga. You can try local food and buy fresh fruits and veggies.

Riga Castle:

Check out the big castle by the river. It's where the president of Latvia lives.

Freedom Monument:

See the tall statue that shows Latvia's freedom. It's in the middle of Riga.

History Museum: 

Learn about Latvia's past at the museum. It talks about when other countries controlled Latvia.

Opera House:

Watch shows at the fancy opera house. They have ballet, singing, and music concerts.


Relax in Riga's parks like Bastejkalns Park. You can walk or ride bikes there.

Traditional Food:

Try Latvian dishes like potato pancakes and dark bread.


Take short trips from Riga to places nearby, like the beach town of Jurmala or the pretty Gauja National Park.

Published by

TIA on April 9, 2024


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