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A trip to Warsaw

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TIA on March 19, 2024



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The Royal Way

The Royal Way is one of Warsaw’s most famous streets. Starting at the quirky Palm Tree in the south, this avenue heads north past some of Warsaw’s most important sights, ending at the Old Town.

Copernicus Statue

Copernicus was born in Torun, Poland and went to college in Krakow. His statue stands in the center of Copernicus Square. Radiating out from the statue are the rings of our solar system.

Presidential Palace

This is the site of the signing of the Warsaw Pact in 1955. This pact united the Soviet satellite states (Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, East Germany, and the Soviet Union) against NATO.

Old Town Observation Tower

Located right next to St. Anne’s Church, climb 150 steps up to the observation tower for one of the best views over Warsaw. From here, you can look back down the Royal Way and overlook Castle Square and the Old Town.

Castle Square

This large, open square is surrounded by more colorful buildings, cafes, and the Royal Castle. Proudly standing in the center of the square, on top of the column, is Sigismund III. Sigismund III was the Polish King who moved the seat of government from Krakow to Warsaw in 1596.

The Royal Castle

The large, reddish-pink building that dominates Castle Square is the Royal Castle. It looks rather plain on the outside but it is very opulent on the inside. If you enjoy touring royal residences and exquisitely decorated rooms, consider taking a tour of the castle.

Old Town Market Square

This is Warsaw’s most colorful, photogenic spot. Wander the narrow streets, go shopping, pop into a café for a drink or a snack, and take lots of photos.

National Museum

The National Museum is Warsaw’s main art museum. It contains Polish art plus works of art from ancient Greece and Egypt as well as a private collection of European art.

Jewish Ghetto Memorial

Sitting right in front of the Polin Museum is this large monument that commemorates those who fought and died during the Warsaw ghetto uprising. This monument and the Polin Museum sit in the heart of what once was the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto.

Warsaw Uprising Museum

This is one of Warsaw’s best museums. In great detail you can learn about the Warsaw Uprising and its aftermath. Since this is such an important piece of Warsaw history, a visit to this museum is well worth your time while in Warsaw.

Published by

TIA on March 19, 2024


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