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Athen's Top Attractions

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TIA on February 10, 2023



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Acropolis, the hill of Athens

The Acropolis is a hill of no less than 156 meters in the middle of the city of Athens. Acropolis therefore appropriately means 'the highest point'. This rock is so high that you can see it from afar. The rock has a flat top and many steep slopes. The Acropolis is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions of Athens. On this mountain are a number of well-known landmarks that you can visit. The Acropolis was an important area for the patron goddess Athena. The Ancient Athena Temple was therefore dedicated to her. During the war with the Persians, a large part of the Acropolis had been destroyed. Rebuilding soon began after the war. Important statesman Pericles came up with the plans, which were executed by the sculptor Phidias. Every monument on the hill is an ode to a god or goddess.

What to see on the sacred Acropolis site?

On the Acropolis grounds there are several buildings and monuments that you can visit:

1. Parthenon

The Parthenon is the largest building on the Acropolis. Many people also see the Parthenon as the most impressive building. This building is dedicated to the goddess Pallas Athena. The purpose of this temple was to show how devoted and skilled the Greeks were when it came to art and architecture. The architect Phidias has kept the ratio 4:9 throughout this building. This was the first building built after the war. It was thus a symbol of democracy and hegemony in Athens. Many decorations and paintings could be found in the Parthenon. Today, these can no longer be found in the building itself. You can now see them in the Acropolis Museum and the British Museum of Londen.

Parthenon ticketsThe Parthenon, the largest temple on the Acropolis

AcropolisThe Acropolis Hill can be seen from all over Athens

2. Propylaea

Propylaea is a term from classical antiquity that stands for a monumental entrance to a building complex or sacred area. The Propylaea are therefore the entrance gate to the Acropolis. This entrance is therefore dedicated to gods who protected entrance gates. The Propylaea consist of columns divided over two galleries. Visitors could enter through these galleries. The Propylaea are located on the west side.

3. Temple of Nike

The Temple of Nike was built in the honor of goddess Nike. Goddess Nike is the goddess of victory. This building was therefore built after the Greeks had defeated the Persians in the war and the building that used to be on this site was destroyed. This temple is built in the Ionic style with a total of eight columns. At the front wall you can also find a number of pilasters that have been placed there as decoration. The most special parts of this temple are probably the friezes. This is where the war between the Greeks and the Persians is depicted. On the other side, the gods Athena and Zeus can be seen. At this time it was very unusual to display such images on friezes.

Temple of NikeThe Temple of Nike

4. Erechtheum

The Erechtheum is named after the king Erechtheus. This building is one of the most important sanctuaries of the Acropolis, although it is not the largest building. The original temple can be found in the main building. This building consists of two different areas. One room was dedicated to a statue of Athena Polias and the other room was dedicated to King Erechtheus and the god Poseidon.

A library and third room can be found in the northern hall. Also located here is the Pandroseion, a walled sanctuary. Here you will find an olive tree donated by Athena, an altar to god Zeus and the tomb of Cecrops. The southern hall consists of six columns that are shaped like the figures of women.

Acropolis entryThe Erechtheum

Published by

TIA on February 10, 2023


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