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Arrivals Flight Schedule
Real Time Departures from Tirana International Airport
Vienna / Vjene (AT) OS 850 AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AG 04:25 Cancelled
Belgrade / Beograd (RS) JU 217 AIR SERBIA 04:30 Cancelled
Rome Fiumicino (IT) AZ 507 ALITALIA 05:25 Cancelled
Frankfurt (DE) LH 1455 LUFTHANSA 06:20 Cancelled
Rome Fiumicino (IT) ZB 2001 AIR ALBANIA 07:15 Cancelled
Bergamo (IT) ZB 2007 AIR ALBANIA 08:05 Cancelled
Verona (IT) W6 3849 WIZZ AIR 08:35 Cancelled
Istanbul / Stamboll (TR) ZB 1001 AIR ALBANIA 09:20 Cancelled
Bergamo (IT) W6 3845 WIZZ AIR 09:50 Cancelled
Rome Fiumicino (IT) AZ 585 ALITALIA 11:25 Cancelled
Dortmund (DE) W6 3841 WIZZ AIR 11:30 Cancelled
London Luton (GB) W9 4466 Wizz Air UK 11:35 Cancelled
Torino (IT) BV 2247 BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA 11:40 Cancelled
Bergamo (IT) BV 2233 BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA 11:45 Cancelled
Bologna/Bolonje (IT) BV 2229 BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA 12:00 Cancelled
Pisa / Piza (IT) W6 3853 WIZZ AIR 12:00 Cancelled
Milan Malpensa (IT) ZB 2003 AIR ALBANIA 12:15 Cancelled
Venice Marco Polo (IT) 2B 225 Albawings 12:30 Cancelled
Perugia (IT) 2B 273 Albawings 12:45 Cancelled
Budapest (HU) W6 2234 WIZZ AIR 13:10 Cancelled
Frankfurt (DE) LH 1425 LUFTHANSA 13:35 Cancelled
Pisa / Piza (IT) ZB 2009 AIR ALBANIA 14:25 Cancelled
Frankfurt (DE) 2B 511 Albawings 14:45 Cancelled
Belgrade / Beograd (RS) JU 213 AIR SERBIA 15:00 Cancelled
Vienna / Vjene (AT) OS 848 AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AG 15:05 Cancelled
Geneva (CH) EZS1310 EasyJet Switzerland 15:40 Cancelled
Rome Fiumicino (IT) AZ 583 ALITALIA 15:45 Cancelled
Rome Fiumicino (IT) BV 2227 BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA 16:45 Cancelled
Milan Malpensa (IT) BV 2221 BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA 16:45 Cancelled
Verona (IT) BV 2235 BLUE PANORAMA AIRLINES SPA 17:00 Cancelled
Pisa / Piza (IT) 2B 231 Albawings 17:10 Cancelled
Tel Aviv Ben Gurion (IL) 6H 164 Israir Airlines 18:30 Cancelled
Bologna/Bolonje (IT) ZB 2005 AIR ALBANIA 18:30 Cancelled
Verona (IT) ZB 2011 AIR ALBANIA 19:30 Cancelled
Brussels (BE) TB 2952 Jetairfly 19:50 Cancelled
Istanbul / Stamboll (TR) ZB 1003 AIR ALBANIA 20:55 Cancelled
Vienna / Vjene (AT) W6 2882 WIZZ AIR 22:25 Cancelled

TIA does not verify the accuracy or completeness of this flight information and disclaims any implied warranties with regard to it. TIA shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on flight information on this site which may prove to be inaccurate or incomplete.

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