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Tirana International Airport calls on Kruja Court for professionalism and not blocking the airport's commercial activity

Tirana, June 8, 2020 - Tirana International Airport (TIA) urges Kruja District Court for justice and professionalism, after the recent blocking of commercial activities by a single judge, Mrs. Enkeleida Hoxha with 4 security measures, in favour of A&A Group for coffee shops and bars’ activity at the airport. 

TIA is deeply concerned about a one-sided justice system in the Kruja court, where decisions outside the jurisdiction and without any professionalism - have damaged the resumption of new shops and bars in the service of passengers, providing successive security measures and unlawful decisions to the detriment of the public service and the national image of the only airport in Albania. 

It is a unique case in the world, where the decision of the Bailiff's Office is served on TIA even before the decision of the court, without any prior notice to TIA, and without inviting TIA to a court hearing before such decision is taken, implying unusual speed and skipping procedural steps that in a regular and lawful procedure would take several days. 

TIA regrets this unprecedented situation that occurs at an international airport, where the interests of a particular group, more precisely the Administrator of A&A Group, Ms. Aliona Zeqiri are seen as the only object for legal discussion, while illegality is applied to TIA, against any legal justification. This gives way to a usurpation of the airport with the help of a Court, where the real function of the airport is to serve the public. 

TIA states that it has forwarded its complaint to the High Inspectorate of Justice against Ms. Enkeleida Hoxha for incompetence and unprofessional exercise of the authority of law. 

Tirana International Airport Shpk wants to clarify that it is a private company serving to the public interest as a concession company, based on Law No. 9312 dated 11.11.2004 "On the Ratification of the Concession Agreement between the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania and the Concession Company". TIA has the exclusive right of commercial development at the airport. Therefore, its tender awards for cafes, shops, bars and restaurants are in the free discretion of TIA. 

TIA is always willing to cooperate with the judiciary on the basis of fair process. Through this statement TIA would like to recall that the business climate in Albania will take a huge hit whenever justice is distorted.

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