• 11:50Bari - W6 6601
  • 12:50Genoa - W6 6637
  • 14:20Verona - W6 3849
  • 14:45Frankfurt - LH 1425
  • 14:45Pisa / Piza - ZB 2009

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Update 3 - Coronavirus

All flights to Italy are cancelled

On the preventive measures of COVID-19”, the ACAA instructs you to issue a new NOTAM, with the following content:

1. Stopping all the movements by means of air transport to and from the International Airport “Nene Tereza” towards all destinations with Italy.

2. This suspension enters into force immediately, until a second notice.

Please contact your airline for further information on the air ticket.

Kindly follow TIA updates on social media and www.tirana-airport.com